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Collision 2018 Preview: BoxLock Is Simple, Effective Protection For Your Packages

boxlock-collision-top Collision 2018 Preview: BoxLock Is Simple, Effective Protection For Your PackagesStop Thieves From Stealing Your Packages With BoxLock

Prior to the 2017 holiday season as many as 30% of Americans admitted to being the victim of some kind of package or box theft, right from their front doors.

Package theft is a crime of opportunity. Whether a would be thief is casing a UPS or FedEx truck, or they just happen to notice a box sitting on your porch, nothing is more annoying or intrusive than someone stealing a package meant for you. Xfinity did a survey this fall where they found that people who lived in the city experienced 42% of the thefts, people in the suburbs experienced 26% of the thefts and homes in rural areas experienced 19%.

For some Americans that means getting their Amazon packages and other personal items delivered to their offices, which defeats the purpose of home delivery.

Amazon is trying to solve this problem with Amazon Key, a service that uses a camera and other technology to allow the UPS driver to go into your home and drop the package. To many, that’s just creepy.

A Coca Cola marketing executive turned entrepreneur developed a solution called BoxLock. (We originally reported on BoxLock ahead of Eureka Park at CES 2018). Brad Ruffkess created BoxLock to be easy to use and provide the best possible protection for your home deliveries.

All you need to do to use BoxLock is have a locking box on your front porch, back deck or in your yard. Make sure your storage box is securely fastened in place and wait for your BoxLock to arrive. Once it arrives you just put the BoxLock on your storage device and wait for packages to arrive.

Delivery drivers don’t need some fancy app or to remember a passcode. The barcode that every major carrier uses is what opens the BoxLock and it only works with barcodes for packages out for delivery that particular day. When a delivery driver places a package in your storage container and opens it with your packages barcode, they just put the package in the container, close the container back up and re-hatch the lock. Once the lock has been closed, the BoxLock app sends you a message to let you know that your package has arrived and which package it was.

In Beta tests BoxLock found that driver awareness was key so they also offer yard signs and instructions for drivers on just how to use the BoxLock. For added protection the company recommends that users bolt the package box into the front porch from the inside (locking part) of the box. Would be thieves won’t be able to take the whole box with them and others probably think the box is empty.

BoxLock can also be used for local deliveries as well, all you have to do is provide your delivery drivers with a barcode that you can easily print. Did your kids have a friend over that left their Nintendo Switch, no worries, put the Switch into your storage device, lock it with the BoxLock and then send that friends’ parents a barcode. They can swing by your home when it’s convenient for them, to retrieve it and everything stays secure.

If you’re just using the BoxLock for Amazon and other e-commerce deliveries it’s wicked easy. Literally put the BoxLock on your storage container and you’re off to the races.

BoxLock plans to start shipping this year and they’re making an appearance at the countries biggest startup event, Collision 2018 in New Orleans, April 30-May 3. You can also find out more at 

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