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Collision Conference Preview: Buy Delicious Food For Pennies On The Dollar With BuffetGo

buffetgo-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Buy Delicious Food For Pennies On The Dollar With BuffetGoBuffetGo Helps Eliminate Food Waste By Selling Excess Food To Everyone For Pennies On The Dollar

Across the United States up to 40 percent of prepared food goes uneaten. Meanwhile one in five households don’t have enough to eat.

Have you ever been to a catered buffet event and noticed the warmer trays have enough food to feed an event about 10x the size of the one you’re at? That’s because most event organizers, wedding planners and food and beverage managers would much rather have leftovers than have just one guest say they didn’t have enough to eat. After all, the three things people remember from a wedding are how good the couple looked, how much fun the guests had and how the food was.

Large catering venues, like hotels and conference centers, have millions of pounds of cooked, ready to eat, food, wasted. We’re not talking about the food that’s left on plates, we’re talking about the food that’s left covered, in serving dishes and never even brought out to buffet and carving stations. For many people in America, it’s the kind of food they only dream about eating or maybe have had one or two times in their lives, at a wedding.

An LA startup called BuffetGo recognized this problem and created a startup that allows people to purchase the leftover food at pennies on the dollar. After a successful proof of concept in some Finnish restaurants, hotels and catering halls, the Los Angeles startup began creating partnerships in LA and New York.  The idea is pretty simple, as the event carries on and comes to a close an F&B manager can upload to the app how much food they have left over, and set a price. Users basically purchase a food coupon or receipt and meet at the venue at the end of the evening or the end of the night to take that food away and enjoy it at home.

With BuffetGo you can literally get enough casserole, lasagna or even prime rib, to feed an entire family for days, for under $10. The company launched in 2016 and are working on expansion across the United States.

BuffetGo is a great way for people to get good food and save a ton of money. It also helps eliminate food waste.

You can find out more at The Collision Conference, April 30-May 3rd in New Orleans and online at

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