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Collision Conference Preview: The Future Of Barter Is BUNZ

bunz-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: The Future Of Barter Is BUNZBUNZ Simplifies Barter To The Way It Was Originally Intended With Technology

Bartering is economics at it’s most primitive and simplest form. Back before the days of currency people would take the things that they had on hand, or created themselves and traded them for the things they needed. A farmer with cows would trade milk to a farmer with chicken for eggs. A cobbler would trade a pair of shoes for a kettle created by a blacksmith. This system of bartering was the way economies were created and utilized for hundreds of years.

For the last few decades we’ve seen several spins on good old genuine bartering. Things like barter networks and other bartering apps made the act of bartering between two people cumbersome and complicated.

A Canadian startup has introduced a bartering platform that’s as simple as it was back in the old days, with the help of technology. is a global web based platform where people that have stuff they don’t need or want can trade it for the things that they need or want. Take this post for instance, this Bunz user obviously enjoys board games and in his post he’s trading games that he’s already played and he’s looking for games he hasn’t played yet. Once he connects with other users that have the games he’s looking for and is willing to trade for one of the games he’s done with, there’s a trade and it’s done. In other posts the user’s leave the trades up to the person that’s interested in the item. Once agreed it’s done, it’s that easy, either do an in person local exchange or ship items to and from.

BUNZ makes it easy to complete the transaction. Users can leave comments that can include counter-trades. In the same example above, another user is interested in some of the games he has but doesn’t have the games he’s looking for so he counters with old dragon magazines.

In  the last 7 years we’ve seen a wide range of bartering platforms but none have been as simple as BUNZ, which makes it that much more attractive. Come see how BUNZ is bringing barter back at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd or get started now at 

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