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Collision Conference Preview: Chartmetric Is Music Analytics For Dummies

chartmetric-top Collision Conference Preview: Chartmetric Is Music Analytics For DummiesChartmetric Offers Today’s Artists Comprehensive Music Analytics They Can Understand

Most musicians love playing music. They want to get out there, play shows, write songs, jam and create. Most musicians have never enjoyed the business part of the music business.

Successful artists would pay a manager to keep up with all the business dealings and cross their fingers that they found an honest manager. Managers would handle things like royalties, album sales and radio airplay. All of the important metrics for a band or artist were tracked at the label level and then funneled down to their management. As long as the checks kept coming musicians didn’t really care.

The music business is a lot different today then just ten years ago.

Streaming and downloading, which started out as taboo, is the way of the music business. Streaming and downloading bring sales and airplay together into the digital sphere.

The way artists get exposure has changed as well. To get famous 15 years ago you would have needed a record label and a million dollar promotion business.  Part of that budget and that label was an overly priced but amazingly good promotions team. The team would pitch your song to radio stations across the country and keep track of what stations added your song. They would then track how many “spins” your song got at each of the stations. Compiling this data was a bitch back in the day.

Artists used to be able to turn to publications like Billboard, Airplay Monitor, Gavin and Radio and Records, weekly to see how many spins they had. When they needed more spins they would advertise in these “trade” magazines or pile into the van and go see radio stations in person.

Today the world is totally different. Record labels aren’t carrying as big rosters as they used to and millions of artists across the globe are setting out on their own.

Today, while radio still has a place in the industry, what really matters is Spotify, Apple Music and social media and that’s where Chartmetric comes into play.  Chartmetric tracks playlists, downloads and social media mentions to give artists a full snapshot of where they truly are. They also handle playlist monitoring so artists can optimize their playlist strategy.

Chartmetric tracks over 800,000 artists, 300,000 curators and 1 million playlists.

Chartmetric will be at the Collision Conference in New Orleans April 30-May 3rd and you can find out more online at

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