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Collision Conference Preview: Chaskify Because Last Mile Logistics Shouldn’t Be So Complicated

chaskify-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Chaskify Because Last Mile Logistics Shouldn't Be So ComplicatedChaskify Simplifies Last Mile Logistics For Delivery Companies and Drivers

It’s a miracle that packages actually got from point A to point B before the world of the internet and delivery platforms. The fact of the matter is that for delivery companies and local couriers there was a much larger margin of error than there is today. Errors in shipping products and packages from point a to point b, even locally, proved to be quite challenging and costly. Errors in shipping and delivery used to cost companies billions of dollars.

Today every minute and every second counts. Customers want to know that their packages, products and merchandise are going to arrive on time and if they don’t they want to know exactly where their stuff is.

Distributors, warehouses, manufacturers and delivery companies want to know where their customer shipment are as well. The actual delivery companies want to know where the packages are and their drivers so that they can optimize their routes to make the most money and drive customer satisfaction.

Dmitry Byk and Ariel Morales the CEO and CTO of Florida startup Chaskify know all of this and they also know that tracking these last mile fleet and delivery logistics doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why they created Chaskify, a simple, flexible and powerful logistics platform that makes managing deliveries and even service calls, a breeze.

Chaskify offers users:

  • Real time tracking
  • Job updates
  • Point of sales gateway
  • White label customer apps

For people receiving packages whether it’s a single residential customer, a retail store or another warehouse, Chaskify gives them up to the minute information on where their package is, their driver is or their service professional is. Now there’s no need to wait around at the front door for that delivery or the appliance repairman.

For delivery companies they get real time tracking which means they know where all their drivers and all their vehicles are at the exact time. Delivery companies can save on gas, upkeep and redundant routes by having live real time information from their fleets and data analytics that show exactly where the opportunities are for improvement.

Chaskify is the future of last mile logistics, fleet and service management. Find out more at The Collision Conference, April 30- May 3rd and online at

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