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Coderblock Is The Best Coder Community To Join To Find Work, Colleagues and More

Coderblock Connects Developers To Work, A Collaboration Platform and A Place To Brush Up On Your Skills

The truth of the matter is freelance software development can be boring. Many freelancers across the globe often work out of their homes, by themselves for hours on end. This can make it hard to find new work and new projects. It also makes it hard to find other coders and software developers to collaborate with and even make friends.

Coderblock matches software developers to real projects and even provides a state of the art, cloudbased collaboration platform that helps software developers and the company’s hiring them, work more fluidly. But aside from that, Coderblock also has a place for developers to brush up on their skills and even help other coders develop their skills.

Coderblock uses artificial intelligence, AI, to help connect and collaborate anywhere. It starts when you upload your project details to the Coderblock website. Once you’ve given Coderblock the information, their AI infused platform kicks into high gear and helps connect you with one of the thousands of freelance developers that have created a profile in their system.  This system eliminates the need to sift through thousands of online profiles, emails or good old fashioned resumes.

After Coderblock returns a selection of qualified freelance developers for your project you get to pick which ones you want to add to your team. And that’s just the beginning.

Coderblock is more than a recruitment tool. Their platform is also a collaborative space where you can communicate with your new team and keep them all on the same page as you go through the notions of developing your next amazing product. Coderblock offers a talent pool of the best developers in the world, their proprietary workspace solution allows you to work with developers across timezones and keep everyone at the same pace.

All of this is complimented by a 3D virtual reality experience to share your work with everyone on the team.

Coderblock even has a knowledge base that allows freelancers to share knowledge with one another through a question driven platform.

Of course Coderblock is first and foremost about matching developers to companies and startups that need their services. Freelancers get paid to work on projects and all of it’s pulled together through their 3D virtual reality office.

Check out our video interview with Coderblock from The Collision Conference above and for more info visit 

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