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Collision Conference Preview: Collaborate Across The World With Conversa

conversa-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Collaborate Across The World With ConversaConversa Makes It Simple To Communicate With Anyone In Their Native Language

We’ve come to a time where technology, artificial intelligence, big data and cross platform devices can enhance just about every aspect of our lives. Imagine what it would be like if you could communicate with anyone, anywhere, in their native language. You would be able to break down barriers between team members, friends, love interests and complete strangers. We’re not talking about a pocketsized translator device or an app by that stone company, we’re talking about a truly collaborative platform that breaks down language barriers instantly.

A Maryland artificial intelligence (AI) startup called IT Operations has created the cross platform, platform, that makes it possible to communicate with anyone in their native language.

The platform, called Convesa, allows you to collaborate with text, video and voice. Conversa goes beyond other translation platforms and allows teams to collaborate, sharing their desktops across platforms and countries and interact together. They’ve created the world’s first platform for real time, seamless, two-way collaboration.

Whether you’re communicating with friends who speak different languages to plan a meal together, or your working with an international team either in house or remote, Conversa’s technology facilitates those conversations without losing the spirit of the conversation and while ensuring each participant can comfortably speak in their own language. Conversa means that ideas don’t get lost in translation because it’s real time.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is sweeping the world right now as one of the hottest growing technology sectors. AI is allowing companies like IT Operations to produce life changing software platforms that truly improve the human race.

See the future of collaboration without any language barriers, in action, at The Collision Conference in New Orleans April 20-May 3rd and online at

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