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Collision Conference Preview: coParenter Puts Children At The Center

coparenter-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: coParenter Puts Children At The CenterCollision 2018 Preview: coParenter’s Platform Makes Co-Parenting Easier For The Children’s Benefit

Over 50% of American children grow up in a split parent household. This is very hard for children and the parents involved. There are a handful of apps out there that help split parent households manage the day to day lives of their family situations. Most of these apps are no more than calendar/reminder/notification platforms that could be applied to just about anything.

A startup called coParenter has designed a platform for split parent households that goes far beyond the calendar/reminder/notification functionality that other apps offer. That’s because coParenter has developed their platform from the ground up with one thing in mind, the child.

Great care was taken when designing the coParenter platform which is part management part mediation. coParenter helps separating, divorced and never married parents remember their responsibilities and important dates as well as saves them money and helps them stay out of court.

coParenter starts with the ability to help newly separated parents hash out custom parenting plans and even custody agreements saving the thousands of dollars that a lawyer can cost. On demand licensed mediators assist parents to ensure that parenting plans and custody agreements are mutually agreeable and that parents can stick to them, keeping them out of court.

When it comes to managing calendars and schedules coParenter makes sure that both co-parents are updated every time one changes their schedule preventing any miscommunication, missed pickups and broken promises.

coParenter knows that communication is often one of the root issues in a divorce or separation that’s why they’ve developed first rate communication tools that ensure that each co-parent can communicate clearly with one another, without frustration. coParenter has messaging tools and even an authentication feature for when a parent needs to send a clear concise message to another that may be needed later in court. This feature encrypts and time stamps the message and eliminates he/said she said moments and misunderstandings.

coParenter also takes the guess work out of child exchanges. coParenter uses your smartphones GPS to let each co-parent know when they’ve arrived at the exchange location. Times are saved in an exchange history giving each parent an accurate record of their arrival times and drop offs.

coParenter also goes above and beyond with access to professional help from mediation to simple advice on how co-parents can better communicate with one another or help with a situation. The platform also features other conflict resolution tools, on demand mediation and even custom coaching. coParenter can help parents determine when issues are “court issues” or issues that could be worked out directly with a little help from the coParenter platform.

As a divorcee myself I feel like coParenter should be mandatory. When you leave family court you have to download this app on either your Android smartphone or your iPhone. It’s that thorough. You’ll agree after you visit with them at Collision 2018 in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd. You can also find out more online at 

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