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Collision Conference Preview: Coras The Work Management Platform For Business Leaders

coras-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Coras The Work Management Platform For Business LeadersCollaboration, Project Management and Coordination Built For Business Leaders, Meet Coras

When you’re looking for project management software there’s no shortage of suppliers. There’s more project management platforms that there are types of cereal found at Walmart, seriously.

Platforms like Trello, Asana, Basecamp and Microsoft Project are all well known in the tech and starutp world. But all of them seem to favor one portion of project management over another. For instance Trello make the collaboration part easy but could use a little work in drilling down. Basecamp is also pretty good at the collaborative side but not necessarily the project side. Microsoft Project is great at the project part and falls short on collaboration. Also, none of these platforms are ideal for complete work management.

Coras is a work management platform for business leaders. They knew when they designed the platform that work extended beyond just project management. For instance, producing a new prospectus, that would involve various members of your team, various deadlines, different bits of information, charts, graphs, media and more. You would need a project management platform to manage a task like this. But what about coming up with new rules for the employee break room. Is that something you really want to engage your entire project management platform with? But it’s still a collaborative task involving work. That’s what makes Coras a true work management platform.

Coras is a complete work management solution for detailed projects like creating a prospectus, or adhoc tasks, like organizing that break room, and everything in between. Coras is the fastest and easiest way to capture, organize, share and manage work. Coras is feature packed and ideal for teams, enterprise and even individuals. From reminders to pick up the kids and wash the car, to providing feedback on a new web page, Coras is making business happen.

Coras hopes to eliminate the excess time spent on superfluous tasks and the time teams spend in non productive or wasteful meetings.

See the future of Work Management at The Collision Conference, April 30-May 3 in New Orleans and online at 

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