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Collision Conference Preview: Co-Sender Puts A Powerful Communications Platform In Any Businesses Hand

cosender-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Co-Sender Puts A Powerful Communications Platform In Any Businesses HandCollision 18: Co-Sender Puts Marketing Communication Tools Big Companies Use, In The Hands Of Any Sized Business

We try to limit the amount of cliche’s that we use here at “Level the playing field of x” is one of those cliche’s we tend to overuse but the truth is that an LA startup called Co-Sender is leveling the marketing communication playing field for all companies.

Co-Sender is a powerful multichannel communications platform that enables companies to constantly connect with customers across email, SMS and social media. Using Co-Sender, big companies, medium sized companies and even startups can send beautiful emails and sms messages whenever they want to. They can post to social media at scheduled times and present a unified front in communication.

Marketing data suggests over and over again that more communication with customers yields better results, higher engagement and higher sales. The exact opposite is true when you’re not communicating with your customers on a regular basis. In fact a lost customer can equate to $289 dollars in lost revenue, over time and over customers, that adds up.

Co-Sender isn’t just a good multichannel marketing communications platform, they’ve developed the system to be extremely easy to use. Users have access to a unified, easy to understand, feature packed dashboard that ensures you’re taking the right marketing actions with each customer and reaching them wherever they’re at, whether that’s social media, text message or email.

Co-Sender offers a truly free trial without the need for credit card entry to sign up and see if you like it. The best part is, that after the free trial, Co-Senders “normal” rates are quite affordable. In fact a startup could reach out to an unlimited amount of customers and send up to 25,000 emails per month for just $15. This represents a substantial savings even over popular platforms like Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

As your business grows, Co-Sender grows with you and with their current pricing, the most you’ll pay is just $45 per month. They’re truly making marketing services that big companies use, completely accessible to startups.

Co-Sender will be at The Collision Conference, April 30th-May 3rd. You can also check them out online at 

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