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Collision Conference Preview: CrowdRelief, A Registry For Hope

crowdrelief-top Collision Conference Preview: CrowdRelief, A Registry For HopeCrowdRelief Offers Disaster Relief Through Crowd Buying

When disaster strikes people are moved to step into action. It’s natural and instinctive to want to help whenever and wherever we can. When tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters happen people mobilize to help with supplies and money. The problem is that many of the dollars donated in times of crisis don’t actually make it to the intended recipient. Or if they do, it often times takes way too long and there’s too much red tape.

CrowdRelief gives immediate disaster relief through crowdbuying. CrowdRelief works the same way as a wedding or newborn registry. People use the CrowdRelief website and post the things they need. It can be blankets, appliances, home furnishings and other things that people that have fallen victim to a disaster need, almost instantly.

CrowdRelief also offers retailers a direct channel to non-profits and communities needing large amounts of household furnishings replaced. With CrowdRelief, instead of using money, donors use crowdbuying to purchase specific household items for anyone in need.

The company was founded by Rob Gaudet a 2016-2017 Lousianian Of The Year, in award that came in part for things like CrowdRelief where he has jumped head first into things that are for the good of people.

CrowdRelief is a relief not just to the victims of a disaster but also to the people that want to help. CrowdRelief means that givers need not worry that their funds are being misspent or mismanaged. If a family of four needs a new couch and some new beds, that’s just what they’ll get. If another family lost all of the groceries in their refrigerator and pantry, that’s what they’ll get.

CrowdRelief makes helping during a disaster, as easy as posisble.

You can find out more at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and online at

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