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CrytovVixens ICO Pitch Competition Happening At Collision

cryptovixens-collision-top CrytovVixens ICO Pitch Competition Happening At Collision Some Of The Best ICO’s On The Planet Are Pitching At The CryptoVixens ICO Competition At Collision In New Orleans

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is one of the hottest and fastest growing ways for startups to raise money. It blends the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain with the world of startups and fundraising in a way that only makes sense to those in the tech world. Until now.

The CryptoVixens ICO Competition happening this coming Wednesday at Collision in New Orleans is bringing some of the best ICO’s on the planet together for a live pitch competition. With this event you won’t have to guess who’s behind that website raising money, the founders of some of the hottest new technology companies will be front and center as part of the CryptoVixens Investor’s Lounge.

Each company will pitch in a “Shark Tank” like competition live in front of  panel of accredited investor judges and via Livestream powered by Superbloom.

Here are the companies pitching:

Buttrfly is an EOS blockchain marketplace for global influencer activations. The Buttrfly marketplace provides a way to coordinate, deliver and track billions of messages. Our patent pending protocols optimize and align influencer synergies to provide superior affinity, predictions and placements. (Techstars’17) is a blockchain-based Game Reward Engine. We reward gamers for their time and skill with tokens that can be used to purchase game-related physical goods or can be exchanged to cryptocurrencies. We drive engagement and revenue to game developers.Monetizr

Wampei is a next-generation merchant wallet that puts all of the power back into the hands of merchants by letting them accept cryptocurrency payments more easily than traditional electronic payments or cash. Payments can be processed much more quickly, inexpensively, fraud-lessly and no charge-back risk.

Loly is a revolutionary AI driven dating platform built on the blockchain that is prepared to disrupt the online dating industry. With enhanced profile matching capabilities, including: state of the art privacy features, blockchain smart contracts which are helping redefine the notion of consent to make sexual encounters safer, and the patent-pending AI “Heat Index” that matches you based on compatibility which makes matches more enjoyable.

JetCoinClub is an application based concierge club for shared or private jet travel on the blockchain. Memberships allow access to an elite fleet of jets for short or long distance needs.

The CryptoVixens Pitch Competition has some amazing prizes including:

ICOHotList Launch Package (value $25K)
PR Package from Verma Media (value $15K)
Direct Mail campaign by DirectAim Media (value $30K)
Viral Social campagin from Wow! Is Me (value $30K)
Spot in CoinVestExpo ICO Pitch Competition in both Pomona and Pheonix (value $20K)
Sentinel (value $2500)


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