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Collision Conference Preview: Curio Has Teachers Collaborating and Co-Learning Together

curiolearning-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Curio Has Teachers Collaborating and Co-Learning TogetherCollision 18 Preview: Curio Is The Future Of Professional Development

The nibletz coverage team has just finished up at three of the biggest edtech conferences in the country, FETC, TCEA and SXSWedu. As you can imagine professional development is a big topic of discussion. That’s mainly because professional development as we know it, is broken.

Most professional development involves some kind of archaic technology, classroom style lectures on filling out paperwork or some other kind of impersonal and non-collaborative work.

Like many educators, Ashley Lamb Sinclair experienced those faults in professional development first hand. That’s why the English teacher from Kentucky decided to do something about it, by creating Curio Learning.

Curio Learning is a pinterest of sorts specifically for educators. Teachers create their own authentic classroom experiences and then share them with the Curio Learning community. As more and more teachers sign up for the platform, more and more ideas will be shared. Teachers can then make stacks of ideas they want to make their own.

Community is the backbone of Curio Learning that’s why,  right now, the platform is invite only. All of the teachers using Curio are in the same boat. They want to find professional development that truly enriches their careers, teaching experience and student lives, by curating and co-learning together with other teachers.

Curio is something that Lamb Sinclair came up with she was presented the problem of how to fix professional development from a startup organization called Redesign Challenge (now known as Sevenzo).

“I realized that teachers hate professional development because it so often takes us away from all the ways that we are working to be better professionals in the first place. ” Lamb Sinclair said in The Washington Post.

Curio is a place where teachers can share their lesson plans, assignments, Youtube videos, thoughts and ideas, even if they’re a little out there or new. In Curio, those kinds of ideas are welcomed. With a community of likeminded, growth-minded educators no idea is a bad idea and teachers can present their ideas with confidence. Then, they can turn to the Curio community to help refine those ideas, make them ready for the classroom and move forward with them.

All of the content curated by educators is sorted into categories that makes discovery easy. When you find a new piece of content you want to use you can also find out who created it and then talk to them directly and co-learn together.

This is what the future of professional development looks like and you can see it at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and you can sign up for an invite at

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