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Collision 2018: So You Want To Find A Dog Person? Try Dig, The Dog Dating App

Make Sure Your Next Flame Is A Dog Person With Dig, The Dog Dating App

I used to have this friend named Matt. He is definitely NOT a dog person. He told me that he broke up with the sweetest, coolest girl he had ever been with because her dog slept in the bed. Being a dog person myself I didn’t seem to see the problem with it. In fact my fiance has three dogs of her own and if I wasn’t into dogs I would be the one in the dog house, not any of her dogs. We didn’t find each other on any kind of app, we found each other through a Craigslist ad (not that kind of ad folks!).

But if we were looking for one another on a dating app it wouldn’t be Tinder, Bumble or Match it would be Dig a new dating app for dog people, created by Leigh Isaacson, a New Orleans based entrepreneur and the creator of Dig, the dog dating app.

You see, dog people are special, that’s why I’m marrying one.

They take great care of their dogs and their dogs aren’t dogs or pets, they’re people. One of my fiance’s sisters asked her just the other day “well has he met the three children” of course I have, because again, if I didn’t like dogs I wouldn’t be here.

With Dig dog lovers can meet one another and arrange dates that can include the dog. It helps dating people and couples find cool and fun things to do on date night, with or without the puppies. Anything from dog friendly brewery’s to the best dog parks for couples. When you’re combining a dog family fo five dogs that’s equally important.

Dig lets you tell your story and your dogs story so you’ll know off the bat if her boxer is going to get along with your Pomeranian or if your Dalmatian is going to get along with her Poodle. What about that ever important question about the bed, yup you’ll find that in the Dig app as well. Does she let the dogs in the bed? Does he let the dogs on the couch. From the getgo with Dig you and your future flame will know what to expect from the fur babies, and for most, that’s a deal breaker.

Check out our interview video with Leigh, from Collision above and for more info visit

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