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Collision Conference Preview: DistantJob, Removing The Barriers In Recruitment

distantjob-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: DistantJob, Removing The Barriers In RecruitmentDistant Job, Remote Recruitment Made Easy

What’s worse when building a remote team? Management or finding the employees?

So you need to grow your software development team but you are trying to keep up with the times and get on board with this new “Remote Work” concept. You can’t really go to a normal hiring site like indeed so where does that leave you? Scratching your head with the work piling up around you. Well we here at Nibletz we stumbled upon a perfect solution for your remote hiring needs DistantJob has taken an innovative approach to hiring remote software developers that is going to be total game changer in the technology sector.

distantjob-middle Collision Conference Preview: DistantJob, Removing The Barriers In RecruitmentDon’t Limit Yourself, why not  pick remote based workers?

Traditionally you are limited to hiring people in a one hundred mile radius around you, sure maybe someone five hundred miles away is interested in the job but relocation is tricky for both the employer and the employee. Remote work removes the geographical barriers of hiring a new employee and presents a broader pool of applicants. The only difference between a remote worker and someone who comes into the office is that one is more than likely completing their work from the couch and the others sitting behind a desk. Both employees work under the same management, communicate in real-time, follow the same processes and core values as someone in-house.

3 Simple Steps and You’ve Hired Someone

We hate to sound like a cheesy infomercial but when we say 3 easy steps we mean it! All you have to do is head on over to DistantJob and submit your job description and then their software/team takes over and finds you the best matches for the job. The hardest part for you is choosing just one person from the multiple qualified candidates you get back.  Find out more at the Collision Conference, April 30-May 3 in New Orleans and online.

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