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Collision Conference Preview: Become A Social Animation Pro In Minutes With Dodles

dodles-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Become A Social Animation Pro In Minutes With DodlesCollision 18 Preview: With Dodles, Anyone Can Become An Animator In Minutes, And They Can Make Money Too

If the animation economy is a thing than a startup called Dodles is at the forefront. Dodles is the easiest way to turn ideas into fun, sharable animations. We’re not talking about animated poop emoji’s, we’re talking about studio quality animation, through customization, that takes just minutes to create.

Dodles is an app based platform. When someone wants a creative way to tell their story, create an entire animation series or find some quick fun content to share on social media, they turn to the app. Within the Dodles app, users can select from thousands of different animation pieces already created and ready to go.

Users can customize everything from characters to background, sound effects to music and everything in between. If you want a space animation, no problem, city scene, no problem. Are wizards and warlords your thing, again no problem. You can take every character in Dodles and customize them any way you want, creating you’re new characters in minutes. You can save those characters to use over and over again and start telling your short animation stories to the world.

Creators make money

Dodles also offers an easy way for animators, artists, creators, musicians and people who make sound effects to create, upload and get paid. The Dodles community constantly adds to the Dodles platform meaning that there’s always fresh content to choose from.

People using Dodles to tell their stories can choose from this community created content library. They’ll pay a couple of bucks for different pieces of their animation and the artists and the creators of that content get paid. It’s that easy. Since we’re talking about animation the sky is the limit. Artists and creators with a wide range of skill sets and skill levels will find it easy to create content and quickly make a little revenue on the side.

You can find out what all the talk is about at the Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30- May 3rd and online at

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