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Collision Conference Preview: Can Artificial Intelligence Provide Important Business Insights?

dotin-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Can Artificial Intelligence Provide Important Business Insights?Collision 18 Preview: dotin Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Create Your True Digital Personality Fingerprint

Artificial Intelligence is definitely one of the biggest buzzes in technology these days. From CES to SXSW and beyond we’ve seen some pretty amazing A.I. companies in the last two years we’ve seen artificial intelligence power everything from speakers and assistants like Alexa to self driving cars and even coffee makers. But we have to look past the flashy verbiage “artificial intelligence” to find the companies that are really pioneering this scientific technology.

One of those companies, a startup out of San Jose California, called dotin, is diving past the traditional machine learning with a few extra bells and whistles and looking into the true cognitive solutions coming from AI.

dotin has created a platform called Module that leverages social, professional, and even enterprise data shared by the user, to tap into the subconscious mind of the user and create true digital personality fingerprints. These personality fingerprints can be used in a wide variety of applications and scenarios including:

  • targeted marketing
  • employment screening/recruitment
  • warm lead generation
  • networking events
  • universities
  • employee engagement
  • psychology/counseling
  • even romantic matching

Some of the biggest industries that will benefit from Module technology by dotin are marketing, retail and employment. Marketers and retailers will be able to really tap into the customers psyche and then find products and offers that customers really want.

On the employment side, employers will have better employee matches beyond hard skills and even soft skills. Typically after the first six months is when employers realize whether or not employees are a culture fit. That culture fit is correlated to personality. Module can help find those personality/culture matches before they even start on the job saving companies money and employees heartache. On the flip side of that prospective employees could find companies that would be best suited for their personality and not waste time with companies that aren’t a fit.

For marketers, much like retailers, Module will provide a real snapshot of the customers they’re trying to reach without having to do costly A/B testing.

One of the most fun (at least in our opinion) use cases is their networking app called IcebreakerQ. While this app is used for networking it’s clearly paving the way for other applications like the next generation of apps like Tinder. We can really see the Module technology cutting the whole “after the honeymoon period” out of the equation.

You can find out more about dotin at the Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30th – May 3rd and online at

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