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Collision Conference Preview: Double Amor Answers, “Where Are We Going To Find More Married Friends”

double-amor-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Double Amor Answers, "Where Are We Going To Find More Married Friends"Collision 18 Alpha Startup: Double Amor Finally Answers The Question “Where Are We Going To Find More Married Friends”.

When I was growing up it seemed that the only friends my parents ever had were married friends. They had this big group of married friends and all of them knew each other. We all knew, and were friends with all of their kids. This group of married friends basically started out as a group of neighbors and stuck, now over 30 years. As families moved away, they kept in touch and as new families moved in, they became a part of the group.

The problem today is that nobody talks to each other.  Neighbors are creepy. Friends are the people you debate with on social media. That one to one connection with people barely exists outside of dating, and people think other people are crazy or have some ulterior motive when they’re just trying to make friends.

Making more married couple friends is a tough thing to do in 2018 and believe it or not, many psychologists, family therapists and even divorce attorneys suggest that it’s one of the healthiest things for a married couple to do.

Well a new startup called Double Amor is developing a social app that facilitates the introduction of married couples to one another, for friendship. Double Amor is creating a social network and community of like-minded married couples to strengthen marriages. Having married friends to go out with when you’re married allows both couples to talk about things that only pertain to being married. These kinds of conversations are healthy for both couples and serve as validation in some cases internally that, “hey these things are normal”.

For instance, is it normal to miss the home you had during your single life, of course it is. Talk about that with your unmarried friends and they may think you’re upset in your marriage and fill your head with negativity. Talk about it with your married friends and they’ll probably all admit to having that feeling. Did you and your spouse or partner consolidate belongings? Do you really not like his grandmother’s bedroom suite that is now in your joint bedroom? Again all things that married people can directly relate to.

Double Amor helps married people make friends with other married couples, brings together a community of married people and then helps suggest activities that married couples can do together. We’re not talking about anything kinky or swinger like, we’re talking about real couples dates, weekend activities and excursions.

Double Amor Features:

  • Social networking for married couples
  • Double dating
  • Date ideas
  • Conversation starters
  • Relationship enhancers
  • Dating tips
  • Marriage blog

With Double Amor you and your spouse/partner will never say “where are we going to find more married friends”, again.

Check out Double Amor at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and online at 

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