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Collision Conference Preview: Drones Of Prey, When You Don’t Want To Be Invaded By Drones

dronesofprey-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Drones Of Prey, When You Don't Want To Be Invaded By Drones

Despite being asked by Stoneman Douglas High School to respect the privacy and grieving of their student body and for media to respect school boundaries, several networks, like CNN used drones to capture video like this. Austin startup, Drones of Prey can prevent that.

Drones Create A New Wave Of Privacy Needs, Drones Of Prey Is Solving Those Needs

Drones are everywhere these days, and in many cases they are being used for great things. We’ve reported on drones used to spread fertilizer across massive fields, drones that can detect life in disaster conditions, drones that can discover water on the moon and a wide variety of uses. Unmanned aircraft and other unmanned vehicles present a technological advancement that can put eyes, assets and tools into places they otherwise couldn’t go.

As with just about every good technological advancement, drones present an opportunity for people with not so great intentions.

With traditional consumer drones there’s always the chance that the teenage boy is going to fly the drone over to the house with the pool and the privacy fence to catch a glimpse of the neighbors sunbathing. But it goes far beyond that.

At a San Francisco 49ers football game drones were used to carry leaflets into the stadium and drop them onto fans in the stands, prompting those fans, the 49ers and the NFL to wonder what else could be dropped on them without their permission or knowledge.

What if you’re creating proprietary hardware, a new kind of car or some kind of revolutionary break through in vegetation, in an open yard surrounded by a fence. The fence is there to keep prying eyes away from  your discovery and development, but in comes a drone just buzzing around taking pictures. What if you’re a celebrity or an important business person just relaxing in your backyard, you want and expect a degree of privacy, and again a drone can penetrate that privacy shield.

In the public sector there’s law enforcement, military needs and the protection of those who serve us that could all, easily be penetrated by drones.

Even as we were preparing this piece, several news networks were using drones to capture images of students during the student walkout against gun violence at schools where the media was specifically asked to stay off campus. While the story definitely needed to be told, the students deserved some rights to privacy and protection.

Two entrepreneurs in Austin Texas have created a solution to defend anyone, public or private, from the threat of drones.  Their company, Drones Of Prey, is creating an autonomous defense system designed to protect properties and locations of all different types from aerial incursions by unknown drones. This platform will be able to detect drones and then automatically land them to prevent any further intrusions.

They were recently accepted into the Longhorn Startup Lab and has received an award from the UT Genesis fund.

The company will be at the Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and you can find out more online at their website,

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