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Collision Conference Preview: Course Align Helps College Courses Stay Relevant

coursealign-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Course Align Helps College Courses Stay RelevantCollision 18: Course Align Ensures College Curriculum Aligns To Today’s Evolving Business Needs

Many of the best professors at the top colleges in the United States have been teaching for decades. Most of them, pure academics themselves, try and stay up to date with the trends in the world and how their courses fit into modern society and the always evolving business landscape. But that can still be hard, especially in the information and innovation age we live in today.

For instance think about mass communications for a second, the radio industry is consolidated into three major players. Technology has been able to replace many key functions of radio that used to be performed by humans and broadcast television is now in third place when it comes to video consumption. How do we know that the tenured communications professor and their course is relevant in a world where post millennial students get their news from SnapChat? We don’t.

This problem goes well beyond mass communications and stretches to just about every subject taught in higher education. Colleges and universities need to make sure that their coursework aligns with relevant job skills.

A startup called Course Align does just that. Course Align enables universities to create data driven curriculum that aligns with relevant job skills from the Dean’s office to the classroom.

Course Align creates accurate views on which degrees provide the skills students need to obtain the specific job they’re seeking. This means that when students graduate they can feel confident that they are equipped to enter the workforce, even as it continues to evolve.

Faculty can use Course Align to review the skills their courses are providing and which businesses they should engage for details on specific skill needs.  Course Align also provides a snapshot of actual companies and jobs and the skills they are looking for, specifically to each job.

On the school-wide level, Course Align provides relevant data to complete several accreditation requirements.

We’re seeing a trend across the country where coding schools and other programs outside traditional colleges and universities are seeing an influx of students. In these programs, students can take a shorter path to the skills they need, many times in the ever-growing tech industry. Course Align helps traditional colleges and universities stay relevant and important to today’s graduating high school students. They’re a driving force behind the way higher ed is evolving with a more career focused approach.

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