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Collision Conference Preview: Event Integrity Takes The Headache Out Of Finding Event Vendors

eventintegrity-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Event Integrity Takes The Headache Out Of Finding Event VendorsCollision 2018 Preview: Finding Event Vendors Can Be A Nightmare, Event Integrity Is The Place To Start

Whether you’re looking to throw a business luncheon for 30 guests or a wedding for 400 guests, the planning process can be a nightmare. That nightmare typically starts with vendors.

Whether you’re a full time event planner, wedding planner or the person at the office always tasked with planning the party, you’re typically the name associated with the event, and just like a general contractor, you need to rely on great vendors and partners to make you look good. The best event planners in the world wouldn’t be the best if it wasn’t for the reliability and integrity of the vendors they choose to use.

How can a one off planner or a planner planning an event in another city be sure that the event vendors they’re going to use, stand up to their level. This isn’t easy. Sure you can call around or check the internet but everyone knows the internet is ripe for gaming and sometimes the vendors with even the most five star reviews on Facebook and Yelp can come with their issues. They might not play by the rules.

That’s exactly what Chrystal Huskey, the founder of Event Integrity, found out when she started working as a corporate event planner.

Unless you’ve planned a lot of weddings you may not realize how easy it is to become a vendor on sites like You may not realize how easy it is to game the reviews either. Photographers, videographers, djs and other event vendors will have friends who’ve created fake accounts or not needed their particular services do reviews to help look better than they are. Also, when you are booking event vendors through some of these kinds of sites you don’t know if they have the legal requirements to even be providing those services.

Event Integrity is a certification platform and vendor directory that gives an EPIC seal of approval indicating that the vendors found on their platform have been approved and carry the legal paperwork to protect themselves, the planner and the client.  Unlike other certification platforms, Event Integrity requires that their vendors be re-certified on an annual basis. This insures that the vendors found on their site are still the best vendors to choose from.

Event vendors in:

  • catering
  • entertainment
  • audio/visual
  • decor/installations
  • florists
  • designers, print companies, promo and awards
  • venues
  • photographers and videographers
  • and more

can all go through the Event Integrity certification process which typically takes 14 days or less. Vendors on the Event Integrity platform are required to have W9’s so you know they’re a legitimate tax paying business. They also need insurance, proper licensing, professional licensing and have to show proof of work for at least one year prior to applying. Event Integrity takes their EPIC certification seriously because they want to make sure that planners that use their platform are getting the best vendors possible.

You can learn more about Event Integrity at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30th to May 3rd and online at 

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