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Collision Conference Preview: FamePick Is Celebrity And Influencer Marketing Made Easy

famepick-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: FamePick Is Celebrity And Influencer Marketing Made EasyFamePick Is Celebrity Endorsement Made Easy

The world of advertising and marketing has changed significantly with the introduction of social media and the subsequent rise in it’s power to reach and connect with people emotionally. When you mix in the mobile aspect of social marketing you have an opening into your target audience at a level that no other form of media or advertising has ever been able to provide.

The first thing you need to understand about celebrity endorsement is it’s not new. It’s not some new fangled idea that just came about because of social media. For decades celebrities have been endorsing products on television, radio and in print. For many athletes and entertainers endorsement deals are almost as lucrative as their athletic careers or starring in movies.

Social media has made it easier for companies to use celebrities for endorsement in ways they hadn’t been able to before. Social media has also made it faster for brands to engage with celebrities and with their target customers.

One thing that hasn’t changed about celebrity endorsement is that it’s typically very expensive.

That’s where FamePick comes in. The process to secure endorsements is complicated. The cost makes it cost prohibitive to many companies. FamePick solves that. FamePick brings the incredible benefits of celebrity endorsement into the digital age, starting with social media.

The FamePick experience starts with their proprietary matching engine that analyzes hundreds of data points to match brands with the best celebrity for their campaign. With FamePick a celebrity’s profile image adds instant credibility and brand awareness to any social advertisement.

The FamePick method is proven.

“Celebrity driven content in combination with FamePick profile endorsement outperforms 95% of regular ad content on Facebook and Instagram.” the company says on their website.   FamePick takes it a step further as they’re the only platform in the world that let’s you directly target all of a celebrity’s fans.

The FamePick platform works right on top of the Facebook business manager making it easy to match your brand with a celebrity, secure the endorsement and then have your ad shared directly with that celebrity’s fans. It’s that simple. The cost makes it affordable for even small businesses.

You can check out FamePick at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and online at 

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