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Collision Conference Preview: Festi Is Eventbrite For Private Events

festi-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Festi Is Eventbrite For Private EventsFrom Private Cooking Classes To Ragers, Make Sure The People You Want Come To Your Party, and Pay, With Festi

Say you’re having a nice little intimate rager for you and 200 of your closest friends. This may be the biggest, must attend party in Hollywood Hills, but you want to ensure that the right people get invited and only the right people show up. Maybe you’ve decided that there will be a $10 cover at your party just to cover the cost of food and alcohol. You know that collecting that $10 can be a pain in the butt. You also know that if you post random flyers half the people in the neighborhood, or on your campus are going to come, and some of them, may be less than desirable.

You don’t want to use a platform like Eventbrite for your private rager. Eventbrite is too big and cumbersome for a house party. It’s also too big and cumbersome for a private cooking class or maybe an international cuisine night in your dining room. Enter Festi, a new startup that is specifically designed to be the Eventbrite for private events and activities.

Festi lets private event organizers, launch an event in three easy steps. Post an event, Follow friends and let them RSVP by booking to attend an event.

If your event has some kind of minimal cost you can forget chasing people down for money or having to wait for a Venmo, Festi has a payment portal already built in so when someone RSVP’s for your open house party or night of making craft beer at home, you can get reimbursed instantly as they respond.

With Festi once your event is full you can shut it down to ensure that there’s no overcrowding. If someone that you don’t want to come says they’re attending you can easily uninvite them. Festi also makes it easy to check in at event time. Even if you don’t know what everyone looks like, your event attendees will have an official Festi ticket, just as if they were on the guest list. If they’re not on the list, they don’t get in. Simple enough right?

Festi takes the hassle out of planning private events, taking headcounts for food and beverage and collecting payment. Whether it’s a movie night for 8 friends, a rager for 200 or some kind of project class, Festi is equipped to handle it and make it simple.

Check out Fest at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30th- May 3rd and online at 

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