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Collision Conference Preview: FullCandidate Is Building A Better Job Platform On The Blockchain

fullcandidate-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: FullCandidate Is Building A Better Job Platform On The BlockchainThe Hiring Process Gets More Effective and Transparent With FullCandidate and BlockChain Technology

Chances are, if you’re just getting back in the office today from SXSW than you’ve heard, talked, discussed, seen, listened and experienced “blockchain” to sheer nauseam. The sight of the word most likely makes you want to gouge your eyes out. But wait, we’ve got one for you and it actually makes a lot more sense than,  “a platform for life decision making built on the blockchain”.

Kumar Bandaru, the founder of FullCandidate has created an entirely new hiring platform with a better hiring process, using Blockchain technology. If people pay attention to what Bandaru and the FullCandidate team are doing, they’re poised to have the most innovative and impactful change in job search and hiring, since was introduced in 1994.

Now I realize how bold a statement that was, and how I would truly be skeptical, especially because I said the “b” word. But here it is. Bandaru and company are using Blockchain in exactly the places it makes sense in a hiring platform. FullCandidate uses Blockchain Technology for increased capacity , better security, immutability and faster settlement.

FullCandidate starts with 30 second interview videos. These self recorded interviews give hiring managers and executives a real quick insight into the candidate they’re looking at. There are a lot of things you can see in an interview, does this candidate present well, are they well spoken, are they engaging. Rather than wasting time in your own conference room with a dud you can eliminate them quickly using FullCandidate.

Next, FullCandidate candidates are verified. Their skills, languages, education, job history, and credentials are all verified and the assertions are added to their profile on the Blockchain. Because FullCandidate uses Blockchain technology once the candidates credentials and certifications are verified they don’t need to be redundantly verified over and over again. This saves the candidate and their company hiring, a lot of time, money and resources.

fullcandidate-2 Collision Conference Preview: FullCandidate Is Building A Better Job Platform On The Blockchain

FullCandidate has also created dashboard like candidate screens that show the company that’s hiring the best candidates and provides a snapshot of their work history, verified credentials and that 30 second video interview. This more narrative approach means candidates don’t need to waste countless hours working on their resume and posting it to the site while companies that are hiring don’t need to waste time combing through resumes, matching up work histories and trying to account for down time.

There have been literally thousands of HR startups since the launch of FullCandidate has the potential to be the market leader in HR platform for many years to come.

Find out more at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and online at 

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