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Collision 2018 Preview: GoNation, Finally A Startup That Gets Local Discovery

gonation-collision-top Collision 2018 Preview: GoNation, Finally A Startup That Gets Local DiscoveryMany Have Tried but GoNation Actually Gets Local Discovery

Impulcity, Aurora, Chat Scene, Find Me Coffee, and dozens if not hundreds more startups over the last 6 years have made an attempt at local discovery or “social local mobile” a buzzword from SXSWs past. We did a Google search of our three evolutions; nibletz, techfaster and seriousstartups and came up with way too many startups to count that have tried to do the local discovery thing. Many of those startups completely failed, while others had to hone in their big ambitious dreams to serve the local area from which they were born. And therein lies the problem.

The key to success for a local discovery platform is the local part, not the discovery part. A successful local discovery platform needs to go beyond scrubbing databases, Google and Facebook APIs and put their feet on the ground and truly understand local. Local discovery can’t be done from a 33rd floor office in Manhattan or a swank office in the mission district. We’ve personally seen so many local discovery startup founders get into the space because they thought it was the easiest. Chaz Tanase and Matt Basileo, the Connecticut based founders of GoNation will tell you that it’s actually one of the toughest.

One of the things that got nibletz to where we are today, the #1 Google News Source for startups at SXSW, the SXSW Accelerator, CES, Eureka Park and Collision, was this authentic trip we took across the country during the summer of 2012. How could we report on startups everywhere else when we haven’t been anywhere else. Local is local and there’s no other way to explain it. Tanase and Basileo along with the entire GoNation (one word by the way) team, understand the real connections made in local discovery.

GoNation is part social media, part search and 100% sharable data. Their information is vetted and confirmed. You see one of the big differences between GoNation and all of those other local discovery startups is that GoNation doesn’t play to the local destinations that have gamed the system. How many times have you used another local discovery platform just to find out the most highly recommended place was some hole in the wall that no one ever goes to. Chances are they spent a couple bucks with an SEO strategy guy and gamed the system.  Not here.

GoNation is based in Connecticut and New York. Their first city, Cambridge, has appeared in just about every local discovery platform created east of the Mississippi but if you check out GoNation’s explore section for Cambridge you’ll find true local discovery data, restaurant recommendations (that people actually go to), and where to have a good time (and where you’ll find people having a good time).

GoNation is going to take the same care and love with Cambridge to every other city that joins the platform and we’re confident that they won’t cut corners by scrubbing the crappy Facebook and Google location data.

See what local discovery is supposed to look like at Collision in New Orleans, April 30th-May 3rd and find out more online at

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