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Collision Conference Preview: Hubmee Is The Family and Life Assistant You Need

hubmee-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Hubmee Is The Family and Life Assistant You NeedCollision 18: Hubmee Is A Life-Saver

Everyone is busy, today that’s just a fact of life. Some of us have school and work. Others have families and work, and still others have families, work and a spouse that’s a handful themselves. Many of us have tried desperately to enable technology to help make sense and organize our lives.

There are 100s of apps available that are designed to help people get organized. There are note pad apps, reminder apps, task and reminder features in our iPhones and Android devices, calendar apps and platforms like Evernote. For most people though, they’ll put a reminder in one platform and a note they need in another. They’ll have a picture of a gift they need to pick up in their photos and an address for a dinner date trapped in their text messages. All of these attempts to get organized, actually make us more disorganized.

Hubmee may just be the platform that everyone has been waiting for. This Ukranian startup has integrated a personal hub, family chain, budget and life organizer into one easy to use app that can connect to the people that matter most and everyone can stay on the same page.

device-min.618a5aae Collision Conference Preview: Hubmee Is The Family and Life Assistant You NeedHubmee is the family and life assistant that you’ve been looking for to manage your life, calendar, contacts, appointments and budgets. It’s smart and intuitive and it’s deep learning functionality easily links common tasks together in a flow that resembles how they will actually be used. For example, Hubmee can help you keep track of all of your childrens’ prescriptions, how much they take, what it’s needed for and what pharmacy they get it at. It can also keep track of the doctor that wrote the prescription, their phone number and when it should be refilled. It can keep up with your gym membership and when it needs to be paid. Hubmee can also help you keep track of the Christmas presents, what each kid wants and where to get it.

The team behind Hubmee has designed the app to keep up with your life the way you live it instead of having to adapt the way you live to an app. Hubmee goes beyond the typical organization app and allows you to communicate and syncrhonize with other Hubmee users like your family members. Now everyone can keep up with each other and the things they need to do when you need to do it.

Stop using archaic tools and start using Hubmee. You can check out Hubmee at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30th- May 3rd. You can also find out more at 

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