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Collision Conference Preview: Make Your Videos More Fun and Engaging With Hyku

hyku-top Collision Conference Preview: Make Your Videos More Fun and Engaging With HykuHyku Is A New, Engaging Way To Create and Watch Videos

Hyku is the world’s most interactive video creation platform. It takes the second screen experience and puts it right on the original screen.

The Hyku technology can be used in lot’s of fun ways. Take this picture below. In this scene the viewer can buy the skateboard for $199, answer a question about the skateboard, play a game to see who’s the better skater and download the background music in the video. This means that viewers can engage and participate with the content which is taking media to new heights.

The Hyku technology is also amazing for education. Imagine shooting a health class video with Hyku. Emergency responders could go more indepth if a heart stops beating, order the latest installment of a text book or take a quick quiz to test the users knowledge of the material covered.  As a teacher is giving a webinar or lecture from the front of a room, using Hyku, viewers can download the course audio, the full video or even the curriculum and work books. All without having to leave the original screen.

In the same instance Hyku could be used in corporate training whereas a viewer finishes watching a video and then gets quickly tested on the material. Upon completion they can order a new uniform, get video tested or download the next level training.

When it comes to new engaging, immersive ways of creating and consuming content, Hyku is sitting at the forefront. The possibilities for what people can do with Hyku are just about endless. From vloggers to bloggers, brands, teachers, schools and more Hyku makes participating with video a breeze and that’s going to be the driving force behind video consumption in 2018 and 2019.

Find out more for yourself at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and online at

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