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Collision Conference Preview: It’s Just Health

justhealth-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: It's Just HealthCollision 18: Just Health Makes The Awkward Questions, Less Awkward

Doctors, psychologists, counselors and mental health professionals all have to ask new patients lots of questions, but when you get past name, address, date of birth and common medical history, things can get a little awkward. These professionals need to know your true history with drugs and alcohol and they also have to ask questions about your sexual health. In order to get effective treatment of any kind, you need to be able to answer the questions, truthfully. A lot of times that doesn’t happen.

A company called Apex is spearheading the movement to normalize these kinds of discussions and make them less awkward, because it’s Just Health. Whether it’s drug and alcohol history, mental health, sexual history or other sensitive matters, it’s all Just Health, and that’s what they call the movement, and their app.

The Just Health app efficiently collects data from patients and effectively uses that data to improve communication and care.  Medical and care professionals are finding that it’s easier for millennial and younger patients to answer these kinds of questions truthfully through an electronic media and an app. Just Health is opening up doors to communication that the health profession hasn’t seen before.

Apex has taken four main evaluation drivers, mixed and blended them based on their experience and perspective and factored in the needs of each type of client and program to create a comprehensive app based program to collect this kind of data from patients. The evaluation drivers include; Systems Evaluation, Developmental Evaluation, Results-Based Accountability and Data Visualization.  The bi-product is a robust information gathering app that asks the right questions in the most effective ways to facilitate delivering truthful answers to the most sensitive and awkward health related questions.

Just Health goes beyond a typical survey and questionnaire platform. This deep learning technology is able to get to the root answers that doctors and mental health professionals need without the stigma around the direct awkward questions.

Professionals are raving about Just Health and you can find out why at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30th- May 3rd. You can also find out more at

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