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Collision Conference Preview: Kustomer Because Customers Are Much More Than Tickets

kustomer-collision-conference-top Collision Conference Preview: Kustomer Because Customers Are Much More Than TicketsCustomer Support Should Be More Than Just Tickets

We’ve never been ones to believe that the customer is always right however, we know that customer service is the cornerstone to any successful business. Whether it’s a legacy enterprise company or a brand new startup, customer service can make or break a company. It may seem strange that we’re not yelling “the customer is always right” but survey after survey has proven that even when the customer is wrong or doesn’t get the outcome they exactly wanted, the way the situation was handled is the most important.

In order to provide optimum customer service, companies need to get out of the “ticket” mind set. Support tickets are a great way to start a customer through your organization however you need way more meaningful insights than just when that customer called in or emailed in with a concern.

That’s what Kustomer comes in.

Kustomer is customer experience, service and support for the way things are done today. The Kustomer platform provides instant data to whoever is providing service to that customer. Purchase history, customer habits, interactions with your company, all these are very valuable data points and the more information you have the better the experience will be, whether the customer is right or wrong.

Irate customer experiences start with frustration. If your customer service team or your support team is armed with all of your customer data then they can see the whole customer.

The Kustomer platform has been built by experts and customized for your business. It starts by offering a complete customer timeline with every conversation, every purchase and everything you need to know, right on one screen at your fingertips. Conversations are logged and support personnel can go back to each conversation to assess that customers needs, often times providing more insight then they would even expect.

The Kustomer platform keeps this conversation history available for all of your customer support staff. Kustomer is also omnichannel meaning your customers can reach your support staff where and when they need and want to. Whether it’s email, Twitter, Facebook, chat, SMS, voice or your native app. They’ve also baked in a top notch search system so when a customer says they talked to Matt last Thursday the person working on their issue today can quickly find it.

Kustomer is the future of customer service for the mobile and digital generation. People want and expect answers now and with Kustomer they can get them. You can find out more at The Collision Conference in New Orleans April 30-May 3rd and online at 

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