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Collision Conference Preview: AI From Kyndi Helps You Understand Big and Small Data

kyndi-collision-confernece-top Collision Conference Preview: AI From Kyndi Helps You Understand Big and Small DataExplainable AI In Big and Small Data Is The Key To Kyndi’s Success

There are a lot of big new areas in technology that have grown to immense popularity. Blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence easily fit that bill. It seems that from CES to SXSW and every event in between we saw hundreds of companies in these industries using big buzz words and talking in their own little industry cliques about how they will dominate the world. But history in technology has shown one thing… They won’t.

That’s why with crypto and blockchain we like companies like BeeToken and in artificial intelligence we like companies like Kyndi.

Explainability and understanding are the cornerstones to Kyndi an artificial intelligence company based in California that who first and foremost make sense of big (and small) data.  For starters transparency is key to Kyndi’s success because it has to be.

Artificial intelligence is being used in companies big and small to help extract and make sense of millions of pages of data, meta data, photo data, data sets and more.  Kyndi builds AI products that analyze massive amounts of data making organizations and people 100x smarter, 100x faster. But unlike many other AI competitors Kyndi also makes AI products designed to very quickly analyze and make sense of smaller sets of data as well.

Whether you’re an e-commerce business with hundreds of thousands of customers and millions of records, or your a modest property management company with hundreds of properties and thousands of tenants you want the same ability to crunch numbers faster and get the information you need to run your models and know your business.

We are at a different time with big data, data anayltics and artificial intelligence. Kyndi’s customers want to know what all of thier data is, what all of it means and exactly how artificial intelligence is helping to make sense of it all. In many cases, Kyndi’s customers have to be transparent in their data and data processes because of government regulations and scrutiny. The days of the “black box” approach are over.

“Unlike many of our competitors, Kyndi’s products and solutions do not function as a ‘black box,’” Ryan Welsh, CEO of Kyndi said in a blog post. “We help customers to create fully auditable and explainable AI knowledge and intelligence assets, which is especially critical for heavily regulated industries like financial services.”

At The Collision Conference in New Orleans April 30-May 3rd you can meet the Kyndi team and understand a new, better and explainable approach to AI that helps everyone understand exactly what AI can do for them and their data. You can also find out more at

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