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Collision Conference Preview: LegacyVault Is Secure Storage For Your Life

legcayvault-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: LegacyVault Is Secure Storage For Your LifeCollision 2018 Preview: LegacyVault Is Secure Storage For Your Life, During and After

When I first took a look at LegacyVault I quickly noticed that they aren’t like any of the other commonly known cloud based storage platforms. Box, Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and most of the other cloud based storage platforms are like virtual junk drawers in the cloud. You can put all of your “stuff” into any of these platforms and precautions are made so we are guaranteed a reasonable semblance of safety and security. For me, these cloud services are like the drawers in my desk, everything is there but I’m personally not the least bit organizationally inclined. Every attempt I make at organization means I’m actually hiding things from myself.

Now, my sister on the other hand, when you go into her drawers in her office everything is all neatly organized and categorized. I can ask her for a copy of our dad’s will (who passed 20 years ago) and she can have her finger on it in 1.5 seconds. If I was in charge of storing something like that in my desk, I’ll find it but you better get some popcorn out and wait.

When we were having our edit meeting for the Collision Conference and I drew LegacyVault the first thing I thought was “oh great another cloud based storage system”. I was blown away when I realized LegacyVault is like my sisters drawers. LegacyVault isn’t a cloud based storage platform at all it’s a legacy management platform. LegacyVault streamlines and secures your current digital life in a completely organized way. Trust me when I tell you, this makes a HUGE difference.

You can manage your files, calendar, photographs and documents in ways that are as natural as a good Franklin Covey organizational system.

It starts with an intuitive, easy to use planner for all things estate and life planning. LegacyVault walks you through everything you need to know to have the important things in your life, just a few keystrokes away. The comprehensive estate planning section of LegacyVault covers everything from wills and deeds to key man insurance policies, pets and club memberships, and everything in between.

LegacyVault’s Memories section is a place where you can store and organize photos, videos, documents and more. Things are organized the way you like it and protected by military grade encryption.

Journey is a daily/weekly/monthly planner section that helps you keep up to date with all of your meetings, tasks, contacts and more. It’s all strategically connected in ways you wish your Google calendar would do.

All of this is great while you’re creating your legacy. LegacyVault is the first online cloud based storage and life management platform that helps you plan for when you’re not around anymore. LegacyVault is a great place to keep your wills, powers of attorney and important tax documents, title documents and anything else that someone would need access to when you pass away. Some folks don’t like to think about this but LegacyVault makes it so your planning isn’t a burden on anyone. It also means that you can make sure things will happen the way you want, or they need to happen, if you’re not around anymore.

LegacyVault lets you pick activators. This is someone or people that you trust that will be able to activate your account when you’re no longer with us. To facilitate this You set up activators and then you set up a safety delay. With the safety delay feature, you tell LegacyVault, “If I haven’t signed in, in X amount of days notify the activators”. After the account has been activated, a group of people you’ve selected as “trustees” have access to your account. You can pick whoever you want as trustees it can be your spouse, kids, friends or even your lawyer.

This legacy functionality is great for estate planning, but it’s also great so your loved ones can access your videos and photos for many years to come. Nobody gets photos printed or videos made into DVDs anymore. If someone passes away those memories are gone. Not anymore, with LegacyVault.

Learn more about how this Houston startup is changing the way we use the cloud at Collision 2018 in New Orleans, April 30-May 3 2018, and online at

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  • Ian Hatfield

    Wow. LegacyVault is an intriguing platform. Everyone wants to be remembered and this will allow you share all sorts of information with those that are close to you after you die. You briefly touched on LegacyVault covering key man insurance policies to clear up any confusion someone might have about these here is an informative post explaining it –> ( Thanks for sharing.