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Here’s Why Everyone Needs LegacyVault

Legacy Vault Is A Modern Day Estate Planning Platform That Everyone Needs

A little over two weeks ago my brother in law died in a car accident. He was trying to avoid an accident, ran off the road and hit a cement embankment. He had just recently turned 30, so a millennial. Because he was only 30 he hadn’t thought that much about estate planning. He was physically fit, worked out everyday and the doctors always said he was a good picture of health. He didn’t take a lot of risks and even in his death he was trying to avoid a bad situation. So he probably wasn’t planning on estate planning for another 20 or so years.

Financial services firms are relentless about pushing estate planning, even to their youngest customers. It’s a smart practice and of course the more tools you get from a financial services firm, the more money they make. Even with life insurance policies and other products from financial services companies and insurance companies, when it comes time to make those hard decisions or in the critical moments after an unexpected death, it’s hard to think about anything, much less funeral arrangements, insurance policies, wills and what happens to your beloved animals.

LegacyVault has created an estate planning platform that syncs in with your everyday life. That’s because LegacyVault is all about your living you and also an estate planning tool.

It starts with an intuitive, easy to use planner for all things estate and life planning. LegacyVault walks you through everything you need to know to have the important things in your life, just a few keystrokes away. The comprehensive estate planning section of LegacyVault covers everything from wills and deeds to key man insurance policies, pets and club memberships, and everything in between.

LegacyVault’s Memories section is a place where you can store and organize photos, videos, documents and more. Things are organized the way you like it and protected by military grade encryption.

Journey is a daily/weekly/monthly planner section that helps you keep up to date with all of your meetings, tasks, contacts and more. It’s all strategically connected in ways you wish your Google calendar would do.

All of this is great while you’re creating your legacy. LegacyVault is the first online cloud based storage and life management platform that helps you plan for when you’re not around anymore. LegacyVault is a great place to keep your wills, powers of attorney and important tax documents, title documents and anything else that someone would need access to when you pass away. Some folks don’t like to think about this but LegacyVault makes it so your planning isn’t a burden on anyone. It also means that you can make sure things will happen the way you want, or they need to happen, if you’re not around anymore.

LegacyVault lets you pick activators. This is someone or people that you trust that will be able to activate your account when you’re no longer with us. To facilitate this You set up activators and then you set up a safety delay. With the safety delay feature, you tell LegacyVault, “If I haven’t signed in, in X amount of days notify the activators”. After the account has been activated, a group of people you’ve selected as “trustees” have access to your account. You can pick whoever you want as trustees it can be your spouse, kids, friends or even your lawyer.

While LegacyVault is a must have for anyone we definitely feel that every millennial needs to sign up, and now! That’s because millennials try and anticipate everything except death. It’s hard sometimes to talk about products like LegacyVault but one of the most appealing things about it is that it helps you manage your legacy while managing your day to day life and once you set up your estate planning resources, links and important documents it’s there whenever you need it. Those that you appoint to help you along the way get the same information, the information you want them to have. Then there’s no question about what’s happening next.

Check out our video interview with LegacyVault from The Collision Conference above and for more info or to sign up, visit 

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