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Collision Conference Preview: Mapwize Is The Fastest Way To Integrate Indoor Mapping

mapwize-collision-conference-top Collision Conference Preview: Mapwize Is The Fastest Way To Integrate Indoor MappingMapwize Is The Indoor Mapping Platform We’ve All Been Waiting For

When Google set out to create Google Maps they put hundreds of map cars out on the roads of the world. The cars covered every highway, street, backroad, nook and cranny to create the world’s most trusted map. Now with most of the world available via Google Maps and Google Earth it’s time to go inside the buildings, that’s not easy feat.

It’s not possible to send thousands of Google workers into every building in the world to create indoor maps. It’s not even feasible to think that one single company could handle creating indoor maps for the world’s buildings, but do you know who can? Your staff, your people or even you.

Mapwize is an amazing DIY indoor mapping tool that allows you to create indoor maps of your buildings and facilities in a handful of easy steps. If you need an indoor map of your office for your Wayfinding platform, workspace management platform, security staff or your mobile app you can head over to and make it yourself. Simply follow the prompts on their website and upload your own floorplans and in no time at all you’ve got the insides of your buildings mapped out.

If you need to digitize your floor plans Mapwize can do that for you as well. Any format can be easily uploaded to the Mapwize system, even Autocad.

Mapwize features help meet all your needs:

  • Seamless integration with outdoor maps
  • Multiple universes
  • Advanced Security
  • Powerful search and direction engines
  • Open APIs to connect to any system
  • Asset tracking visualization

Mapwize is the best and easiest way to get your indoor facilities mapped and ready to integrate with the services that need them. From direction finding kiosks to apps and beyond.

You can meet the Mapwize team at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3 and find out more online at


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  • Mathieu Gerard

    Mapwize will actually be providing the event map within the Collision event app. Check it out!