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Collision 2018: We Talk With MapWize About The Maps In The Collision App

MapWize Powers Indoor Maps Including The Collision Conference App

We’re on the ground at The Collision Conference where has been the #1 Google News source for the largest independent startup event in North America over the last four months. This is our third Collision Conference and every year it gets bigger and better. In fact next year it’s moving to Toronto.

One of the things we noticed about this year’s conference is that the app is much better than it’s been in years past. This year the interface to meet and interact with people, scan qr codes and initiate conversations has been upgraded and seems to work flawlessly. Starting weeks ago we were able to communicate with the startups and investors we wanted to profile in our coverage.

Onsite the app was a breeze. Normally in an event with 25,000+ people there are 50,000+ internet connections. That didn’t slow down The Collision Conference app. You could easily go see a startup in the Alpha or Beta pavilion and have their info in your phone with one quick QR scan. They were ready for the masses.

The next thing we noticed was an enhanced indoor mapping experience. Instead of a pdf there was a real interactive indoor map and to do that they turned to Collision Conference startup MapWize makes it easy to upload your blueprints and cad files to help build an interactive indoor map you can use for things like apps. It’s also great for safety, security and many IoT devices that rely on knowing where people are within your campus.

We got a chance to talk with MapWize’s CTO and Co-FOunder Mathieu Gerard about MapWize and how they’re the DIY Google Maps for indoor maps and how they’ve enhanced the Collision Conference app with the feature packed indoor map. Check out our interview video at the top of the page and for more info visit