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Collision Conference Preview: MyDealerOnline Levels The Playing Field For Car Dealers

mydealeronline-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: MyDealerOnline Levels The Playing Field For Car DealersWith MyDealerOnline Car Dealerships Can Triple Down Their Inventory Without A Huge Capital Expenditure.

Mom and pop family owned car dealerships are staring to really feel the brunt of technology in the car shopping space.What used to be just apps and sites that helped people find cars, has ballooned to services which can walk users through the entire car buying experience right on their phone.Apps like Gravity allow consumers to find a car, buy a car and secure financing, all while sitting down at dinner.

On the ground in any town in America it’s the multi-brand dealerships that are really winning. It’s always been the dealership with the most inventory wins however keeping inventory on site is costly.  Car dealers want and need to offer the most variety possible and the best way to do that is with a new startup called MyDealerOnline.

A new startup helps car dealerships level the playing field with their used car inventories. MyDealerOnline helps all sizes dealerships get more inventory, get more customers and due more business.  The do this by helping dealerships sell before they buy and putting the power of a larger inventory at your disposal.

That’s because MyDealerOnline has set up a network of sorts for used car inventories where everyone participating has access to a wide range of auction inventory.  Dealers turning to auction sites like Manheim to secure new vehicles or trades for their customers is nothing new, however MyDealerOnline makes the experience much more fluid and allows dealerships to showcase that inventory as if it was their own. With MyDealerOnline your customers see more vehicles and a larger inventory. It’s a great compliment to the physical inventory you actually have on site

MyDealerOnline gives their customers access to thousands of vehicles that they can start selling right away, as if they were sitting right there on the lot.

Check out the future of used car inventory at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and online at 

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