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Collision Conference Preview: On-Demand Drivers Can Just Drive With Mystro

mystro-collision2018-top Collision Conference Preview: On-Demand Drivers Can Just Drive With MystroCollision 18 Preview: Mystro Makes On-Demand Driving, Easier, Safer and More Profitable

Ride sharing or on-demand driving apps have taken over the world. They’ve put the taxi industry in a tailspin they can’t seem to come out of. Ridesharing has become a way for millions of Americans to make extra money, in fact many ride share drivers are driving full time now because the pay is better than work they did prior to that. Since both of the major ride share companies are still privately held (they may go public in the next 1-2 years), it’s hard to say exactly how many ride share drivers there are. However, has made a calculated estimate that there could be up to 3 million people in America driving for a ride share company.  That’s a lot of drivers.

Many of these drivers, especially the ones in major cities and driving full time, drive for multiple companies. This accounts for a lot of keen organizational skills, the ability to multi-task and can cause a distraction while driving. When a ride share driver has a Lyft rider in the car, many will use a second device to see Uber riders and vice versa. You can’t blame a guy or a girl for trying to get their hustle on, but this switching back and forth between companies has it’s drawbacks.

Drivers for multiple companies face:

  • distracted driving
  • pickup location mixups
  • drop off location mixups
  • personal accounting issues

All of these issues that these drivers face can cost them time and money.

Mystro is an app that helps manage on-demand driving for the driver. Whether you drive for just one company or multiple companies, Mystro can help keep your on demand business, organized and safer.

Safety is a big part of Mystro. Research says that 9 people die per day in the United States as a result of distracted driving while another 1,000 are injured. Mystro uses automated systems and AI to help drivers make decisions without taking their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. Mystro learns the way that you drive and can anticipate what to do next.

In addition to a state of the art software platform that puts safety first, Mystro also features:

  • App Switching
  • Trip Filtering
  • Voice Control
  • Service Filters

Currently over 35,000 on-demand drivers are using Mystro and they seem to love it. Find out what all the talk is about at Collision 2018 in New Orleans April 30- May 3 and find out more online at 

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