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This Startup Is Educating Tomorrow’s Pet Owners, Today

peteducationproject-collision-top This Startup Is Educating Tomorrow's Pet Owners, TodayFor Pet Education Project, Educating Kids About real Pet Ownership

Erica Callais Falbaum is like most women, most good decent people actually in that she is passionate about animals. She loves animals and she wants people, especially kids, to grow to love animals as much as she does. But unlike the millions and millions of people that love animals, she wants kids to learn to love animals the right way, from as early an age as possible. That’s why this Shreveport Louisiana based entrepreneur created the Pet Education Project.

The Pet Education Project, or PEP for short, started as a labor of love and a mission to educate kids and students about how to treat animals right, what animals need, and most of all, about responsible pet ownership.

At the recent Collision Conference in New Orleans, Erica told us that responsible pet ownership goes far beyond making sure you clean up poop off the ground and make sure you walk fido 4 times a day. For Erica she’s turning kids into animal heroes through their website, classroom outreach, digital outreach and more.

With PEP, kids learn everything from the correct way to pet a dog to when a dog or cat may have had too much excitement. She wants kids that go through the PEP courses and resources to recognize when other kids may be playing too aggressive, or signs that a dog may turn aggressive. The education runs deeper than you can find anywhere else and with Erica and her team’s peppy personalities it’s fun and educational.

In the coming year Erica is so excited that they are unveiling her first line of connected pet toys that also promote healthy and positive pet ownership. The toys will be available soon and this brings the entire company full circle. PEP will continue with their education resources and classroom visits but with this toy line she will be able to share her vision of healthy pet ownership at a larger scale.

Watch our video interview with Erica above and for more information visit

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