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PingARing Is The Ultimate Vehicle Locator For Fleets and Customer Service

pingaring-collision-top PingARing Is The Ultimate Vehicle Locator For Fleets and Customer ServiceCollision Conference Preview: PingARing Is The New, Safer, Way To Track Vehicles For Fleets and Customer Service

A Denver startup called PingARing has created the ultimate vehicle locator for fleets and customer service. PingARing is a safe way for fleet managers, supervisors and owners to know precisely where all of their fleet vehicles are without having to distract drivers with a call or text message.

Using the PingARing app, stakeholders can simply view their fleet’s locations on a map. This is perfect if your drivers are running late or have to add an extra stop to a route. PingARing also adds another layer of customer service for your team. Now, if a customer is looking for a part being delivered, one glance at the app and you can tell that customer approximately how far away their driver is.

PingARing is perfect for big delivery fleets, buses, public transportation, school buses, home services and any other industry where you would need to know the location of multiple vehicles.

While fleet tracking is great in itself, the folks at PingARing have made the app so easy to use that even school districts can use it to tell where buses are on their daily routes. Do you have a panicked parent? You can quickly pull up the buses location and hopefully ease that parents’ worries.

That’s not all though. PingARing can be used by delivery companies, repair companies, food delivery, transportation and other industries that are serving customers directly. Are you a customer waiting around the house for the plumber? If that company is using PingARing you can look on the app yourself and see just where your plumber is. Is a repair man or delivery service coming from out of town? Now, if that person is lost, simply look at PingARing and help give them better directions to  your home.

PingARing allows companies to send customers messages when they’re close by. Through the app your service staff can easily post custom route messages to let your customers know if there is going to be a delay in arrival or if there has been a cancellation and perhaps they can get to that customer location, quicker.

PingARing also gets better with driver input. Drivers can mark routes complete or log their arrivals, hands free, using geofencing. This also means your company can have accurate reports detailing arrival and departure times.

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