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Collision Conference Preview: The Platform Is Building Communities Through The Gig Economy

platforum-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: The Platform Is Building Communities Through The Gig EconomyThe Platforum Connects Neighbors and Community Members With Skills To Companies and Others That Need Those Skills

If you’ve been around since the 1980s you may remember a time where you knew all of your neighbors. You knew that Roger at the end of the street could fix your car and Charles next door knew all about gardening and landscaping. You knew that David was excellent with electronics and could fix your appliances while his wife Pam loved to make cakes, cookies and pies for any kind of event. Today we’re lucky if we even know the names of the neighbors who live next door.

Call it the internet age, blame the millennials or say it’s because everyone has a device in front of their face but no one talks to anyone anymore. You don’t know that there are people in your own community that could help with work, projects and tasks that you may have to get done.

I was out walking my dog the other day and I ran into Dani the 20 something girl down the street with a handful of cute dogs. I’d seen her around the neighborhood for years but on this particular day we got to talking. I didn’t know she was a skilled graphic designer and built websites with html and CSS. My photography business was in the market for a new website and I was about to spend a pretty penny on a new website. Dani said she could do it for about a quarter of the price quote. When she got it done, it was magnificent.

The Platforum is about helping people make these natural connections with other people in their communities whether they be off-line or virtual. They connect people with skills to people that need those skills for projects, tasks or shift work. Say an oil company is looking for a javascript developer for a one off app build. The Platforum would be the perfect place to find that kind of developer. A startup needing a new pitch deck could turn to The Platforum to help someone create that deck. If it’s a skill of any kind, soft skill or labor, The Platforum can connect people and companies to one another.

Sure you may be thinking this sounds a bit like Craigslist gig ads or even Fiverr, but where The Platforum differentiates itself is both in safety, skill matching and locality. With The Platforum a tire factory in Minnesota could connect with a local person in Minnesota to create an app or do some light book keeping. The Platforum also takes it off-line and through it’s shared workspace provides a place for people working on Platforum projects, tasks and work, a place to go to get those projects done.

The Platforum is a new way of looking at gig work, skill building and community building. Find out more at The Collision Conference, April 30th-May 3rd in New Orleans and online at

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