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Collision Conference Preview: Poder.IO, How Real Companies Will Use AI

poder-io-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Poder.IO, How Real Companies Will Use AIArtificial Intelligence Arrives For Real Companies

Artificial Intelligence or AI for those in the know, has been a buzzword in technology circles for the past few years. In the last three years specifically, AI has come front and center with the face of digital assistants like Alexa, Google Home and even Siri. When many people think of AI they think of talking assistants and talking boxes. They think of something you may have seen on the Jetsons twenty years ago.

When the conversation shifts to enterprise, retail and how “real companies” are going to use artificial intelligence, the messaging gets lost in the wording. Lot’s of artificial intelligence companies seem to talk around in circles and make it very hard to understand how artificial intelligence can help businesses make impactful, data driven decisions.

A Collision Conference featured startup called is blending big data and AI to help real companies make better decisions. To understand and how they’re using AI you first have to understand that big data is usually very hard to interpret.

Big data is everywhere, streaming in from multiple sources, even in your own business. Big data includes customer data, product data, how products are being delivered, how customers are utilizing products, how long they’re spending in your checkout lines or on your website. Big data reveals trends and patterns in consumer behavior and interactions. Essentially, Big data becomes the constantly updating bible for how to run your business.

To understand all of that Poder.IO’s AI, called EPICA, organizes all your data and through artificial intelligence and algorithmic data analytics. Then EPICA segments and tracks behaviors, driving more effective conversions, regardless of the type of business you have.

EPICA from

  • Orchestrates your data
  • Collects first party data
  • Integrates your data
  • Makes impactful decisions based on your data, in real time is poised to become the first substantial wave of enterprise level AI to help drive customers for millions of companies worldwide. Learn what all the buzz is about at The Collision Conference, April 30-May 3rd in New Orleans and at 

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