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Collision Conference Preview: QuickLoad, The Uber For Freight

quickload-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: QuickLoad, The Uber For FreightMiami Startup, QuickLoad Has Simplified Freight Shipping and Made It Cheaper and More Transparent.

Technology has really heated up the transportation industry. But when we think of transportation technology and startups all eyes are on the autonomous vehicles and ride-share startups of the world. We don’t spend a lot of time talking about freight and logistics companies. Those industries aren’t as sexy as the latest self driving car or the newest Tesla roadster.

Although not as sexy, freight and logistics companies are essential to the fabric of our American economy. Millions of pounds of freight worth hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, are transported across our highways, daily. For decades manufacturers, distribution centers and retailers have been trying to figure out the absolute fastest way to get product from the creators to the customers and time and time again, good ole trucking is the way.

Even with that much demand and that much commerce, there is a huge disconnect in the freight and logistics industry. On one hand you have life long family businesses that have stayed loyal to the old way of doing things. Single owner operators get themselves on lists and work relationships with companies to make sure they always have a load. If an owner operator, or heck, if a freight company hauls an empty trailer they’re losing money.

A Miami based startup called QuickLoad, is making freight shipping, quicker, cheaper and more transparent. When we think of Miami we think of glamour, beaches and the beautiful Florida sun, but actually, with it’s ports and access to the ocean, Miami is a huge hub for freight shipping.

QuickLoad matches hauling companies with companies that need freight transported. They provide shippers with instant quotes for LTL, FTL and containers. They also provide the technology for real time tracking and instant POD. Shippers can set up their loads in just minutes and have a truck ready to go.

Drivers, owner/operators and freight companies can find good paying loads instantly. They can also make sure their truck’s capacity is maximized and get paid within 48 hours, with no fees.  QuickLoad pays carriers electronically so they don’t have to worry about whether or not the check will cash.

QuickLoad’s technology has made finding a carrier for your next shipment as easy as hailing an Uber.

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