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Collision Conference Preview: RiotHouse Is The Future Of Debate

riothouse-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: RiotHouse Is The Future Of DebateSpark Debate and Keep It Going With RiotHouse By Outsider Labs

Social media is great for pushing buttons and starting debates. But those social media debates, often centered around current events, have major drawbacks when facilitated on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

For starters, when you start or spark a debate in a Facebook group there’s always some power hungry moderator waiting to pounce on you when they don’t agree with your position or politics. In other instances, when you post something controversial to your wall, you instantly get responses from downright idiots that don’t contribute to the actual spirit of debate.

DC area company Outside Labs, has created has created a new platform for debate. The product, called RiotHouse, is the only platform where open debate on any subject can take place. Debate is healthy and stimulates the minds of society and helps people develop critical thinking skills, but the last place you want to have a debate these days is Facebook. With RiotHouse you don’t have to worry about those pesky moderators or those pain in the butt trolls.

When you enter the RiotHouse platform you see a wide range of debate topics that you can participate in right away. Today you’ll find such hot button issues as gun control and medical marijuana on the RiotHouse platform.

RiotHouse urges people to join the conversation by creating an account, click the “engage’ button and you can easily start a debate on whatever topic you like. RiotHouse lets you set up a debate like you would any kind of event and when it’s time you’re armed with a powerful debate page sans all the aggravation that stems from trying to have a real debate with someone on another social network.

See the future of debate at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and find out more online at

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