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Eat Your Heart Out, Or At Least Your Selfie With Selffee

selfee-collision2018-top Eat Your Heart Out, Or At Least Your Selfie With SelffeeCollision 2018 Preview: Selffee Is Eating Up The Traditional Photo Booth

About 10 years ago photbooths all of the sudden became insanely popular. Portable green screen technology and all in one photo booth systems have almost guaranteed a photo booth at every wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, school dance or corporate event that you were attending.

Social sharing, silly signs and even sillier costumes helped the traditional rental photo booth stay afloat. For many, the rental photo booth has become a good franchise business opportunity.

But the photobooth is getting stale. Kind of like those leftover Girl Scout Cookies from 2016.  So how do you innovate a stale technology? By eating it of course.

New York based startup, Selffee, has created an interactive photo booth experience that you can eat.

selfee-product2 Eat Your Heart Out, Or At Least Your Selfie With SelffeeSelffee starts with a picture that you can take on-site at an event where Selffee is present. Then, using their exclusive technology your photo is printed with edible food ink, producing a high quality edible image. From there, Selffee prints that image on cookies, iced coffee, marshmallows, and more. This experience turns the traditional photo booth into a deliciously shareable experience. Not only do event attendees get their picture printed on food, they share pictures of those cookies, iced coffee and marshmallows, far and wide on social media.

Selffee launched with a successful Indiegogo campaign last year. They’ve opened a New York City storefront where people can walk in and have themselves printed on baked goods and drinks. They’ve also opened an online store where people can email them a photo and have it printed on cookies for holidays, birthdays or just for fun. Their traveling Selffee booth has been featured at some major events including Super Bowl 52.

Attendees at the upcoming Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd will be able to talk with the team behind Selffee and get their own picture cookies made. Eat your hearts out traditional photobooths, Selffee is here.

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