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Collision Conference Preview: The Uber For Personal Trainers Has Arrived

sendmeatrainer-collision2018-top Collision Conference Preview: The Uber For Personal Trainers Has ArrivedCollision 18 Preview: Send Me A Trainer Is The Uber For Personal Trainers

When you want a ride you go to an app and order an Uber or a Lyft. When you need a place to stay you go to airbnb. Now, when you need a personal trainer you simply go to

We live in a time where most people are too busy to do anything, yet we all resolve to get more fit. Many of us have a membership to somewhere like Planet Fitness, but couldn’t tell you the last time we actually walked through their doors. We’re also all too busy to stop those automatically drafted payments to the gym. The gym’s wallet is getting fatter while you’re not getting any thinner.

When we do have time to go to the gym we give ourselves 30 minutes total, maybe, and then we spend the actual ten minutes we have, socializing. The gym just isn’t a good solution for many people.

So we resort to ordering a piece of gym equipment we saw Chuck Norris peddling on tv or maybe a stair machine we saw at a sporting goods store. Today, that gym equipment is making an awfully expensive, but nice clothing rack. You’re smiling now because we’re 100% right.

What if finding and ordering up a personal trainer to come to your home was as easy as summoning an Uber? is a web platform where you can custom order a personal trainer based on your fitness goals and needs. has a global network of over 10,000 personal trainers and wellness professionals.

With you’ll go to their website, or give them a call, and with a certified fitness consultant, figure out what kind of workout you need and what kind of workout fits into your hectic life. From there, they’ll match you with the perfect personal trainer who has the right certifications, a complete background check and is insured to come into your home. It’s completely no hassle, like ordering a ride share.

These guys make it easy to take control of your life.

Visit with Send Me A Trainer at the Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and find out more, or get started today at 

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