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Mom Solves Common Problem For Parents With Shuttle Bee

shuttlebee-collision-top Mom Solves Common Problem For Parents With Shuttle BeeCollision Conference Preview: Shuttle Bee Solves Transportation Problem For Many Parents

Kristina Fahl was a Vice President with Bank of America in Delaware for over a decade. Like many executives in northern Delaware, Fahl lives in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Which meant that her kids were going to school and doing after school activities in the Philadelphia area. Taking an hour break to shuttle her kids from place to place, after school, was impossible. So she did it about something.

Fahl started a startup that she called Shuttle Express Philly, and his since become Shuttle Bee. Don’t let the name deceive you, Shuttle Bee stretches way beyond any kind of shuttle service by definition. Fahl has created a service that helps parents in Philly with kids who live too far to walk to school, but not in the traditional school bus route. Shuttle Bee is also solving transportation problems for families with kids who live outside of their school’s respective district and even families who’s kids go to private school.

Shuttle Bee is about safely transporting kids from point A to point B and it’s done on a route basis. The routes are built as customers sign up for the service, and it kind of works like a co-op. As more families join a Shuttle Bee route, the price of the route, per family, goes down. Because kids pretty much have a routine, those established routes in the beginning of the school year, stay the same all year long.

Like we said earlier though, Shuttle Bee is much more than just transportation. For instance, Fahl employs people with teaching and other child related experience as drivers. These types of people understand kids, and parents. Kids get to know their drivers which makes the experience more comfortable for everyone involved. Fahl calls her drivers, route supervisors and makes sure they are fun, silly, and energetic. Whenever possible Shuttle Bee tries to match up kids in a route that are in the same age group.

Routes can also be monitored and Shuttle Bee can tell parents exactly where their kids are, providing a peace of mind that you can’t find with normal travel routines.

Fahl is treating Shuttle Bee as a true tech startup, the company is headquartered at the Science Center Incubator in downtown Philly. Shuttle Bee is headed to The Collision Conference in New Orleans April 30- May 3. You can also find out more on their website at

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