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Collision Conference Preview: Say Goodbye To The Tip Jar With Tipary

tipary-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Say Goodbye To The Tip Jar With TiparySlidewave’s Tipary Is The Tip Jar For Today’s Mobile Generation

Are you a bartender that takes side gigs tending bar for private functions? Are  you a musician that plays coffee shops and restaurants? Are you a street performer that puts out a bucket for tips?

Perhaps you’ve noticed over the years that your service or music has improved but tips are going down. Chances are that’s because most people just don’t carry cash anymore.

We saw this coming. More and more people gravitated towards debit cards and credit cards in the 90’s and 2000s. Today, Apple Pay, Google Wallet/Android Pay and services like Square Cash and Venmo have meant even more people are carrying less cash. People are still well intentioned (we hope) and they want to tip you they just can’t.

Thanks to a devshop called Slidewave and their new startup Tipary, those days are over. Tipary is the tip jar for the cashless generation.

Tipary is an easy to use mobile app that allows musicians, bartenders and other folks who accept tips, to do just that. The musician or bartender sets up a Stripe account and their Tipary account and app and they’re in business.  Those collecting tips just set up their mobile device with Tipary enabled (like a tablet) along with the card reader and patrons can use their cards to tip.  Tipary allows those collecting tips to specify preferred amounts. Tippers can also customize the amount they want to tip.

Stripe is one of the most secure payment portals available today and allows users to get their money quick, easy and painlessly. Tipary collects a 30 cent charge per tip and the Stripe service fees, and that’s it. It’s also free to download and sign up.

Tipary means musicians, bartenders, and even street performers can get tips in a day and time where no one is carrying cash. In fact it’s so easy that you may find yourself making more tips than ever before.

Interested in finding out more? You can visit with the Tipary team at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3 and find them online at 

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