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Collision Conference Preview: Make Your Next Event Truly Interactive With Slido

slido-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Make Your Next Event Truly Interactive With SlidoBring Your Audience To Life With Slido

If you’re headed to the Collision Conference in New Orleans at the end of the month then you’ve probably been to several events just like it. You’ve probably been to a panel session or a Q&A session with even the best speakers in the world on stage, and when it’s time for the Q&A part there’s dead silence. Or, the same three people are asking all of the questions.

Either way it’s not very effective. There’s something about being in a room full of people that makes the most outgoing adults become as shy as a fifth grader in a chorus recital. This shyness and silence leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Chances are a flock of attendees sought out the speaker after the talk but probably ran out of time.

Slido knows that this scenario happens at thousands of conferences, to millions of people, every year. So they created a platform that would help facilitate interactive questions and answers from the audience.

Slido makes it easy to add live Q&A and polls in meetings, conference and events. They do this through their mobile ready platform that allows attendees of events to simply go to, put in an event code and participate.

While Slido is extremely convenient for the audience, and lets audience members engage anonymously it’s also great for the speaker. Questions submitted through Slido are more concise and to the point, allowing speakers to answer more questions. It also allows speakers to take questions throughout their presentation and move the presentation along in a more natural way.

Slido helps do away with the microphone in the middle of the audience and helps speakers and attendees get right down to business.

Slido allows event organizers and speakers to:

  • Crowdsource the best questions, and answers from your audience
  • Engage audiences with live polls and update results on screen
  • Gain valuable insights with event analytics

Through add-ons Slido also allows event organizers to switch from their presentation to Slido and even allow employees to participate in the conversation using Slack. Are you doing a live broadcast webinar? Slido allows you to embed live video side by side with your Slido screen.

Learn more about bringing your next presentation to life with Slido, at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30th-May 3rd and online at

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