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Collision 2018 Preview: Snovio Is The Easiest Business Intelligence Tool You’ll Ever Meet

snovio-collision-top Collision 2018 Preview: Snovio Is The Easiest Business Intelligence Tool You'll Ever MeetUkraine Startup Snovio Is Lighting Fast, Easy, Business Intelligence.

We publish a lot of startup articles and profiles here on without ever contacting the subject company. We do this so we can do some unbiased reporting. It’s also a great way to see if their messaging is clear. Typically after that article publishes though, we want to reach out and let the founders know that it’s there or maybe offer them some advice or a sponsorship opportunity. Many of those people are surprised that we’ve unearthed their email addresses and other contact info.

Four years ago, getting this kind of information involved a Chrome plugin called Rapportive and a spreadsheet hack called the “email address permulator” there are people smirking right now knowing that’s how they hacked getting all those VC email addresses.  This two step method took a long time and could be a real pain in the ass. But it got the job done.

Rapportive and the good ole permulator became obsolete when companies like RocketReach came onto the scene. RocketReach is an expensive Chrome plugin that can find a lot of email addresses and contact info but it’s rife with outdated information and it’s not budget friendly to your neighborhood startup.

Enter Ukraine company Snovio, a business intelligence platform that’s as easy to use as RocketReach but gives you good data, the kind you could hack together with the perumulator and Rapportive.

With Snovio you just sign up on their website at, add the Chrome extension and when you’re looking at a Linkedin Profile you just tap the Snovio button and you’re off to the races. Snovio finds the email addresses associated with that contact and grades them based on how reliable their search findings were. Snovio uses a color coded grading system; yellow, orange and green. We’ve never ran into a green contact where the information was incorrect.

In addition to the Chrome extension you can use Snovio on the web to look up email addresses by domain name and LinkedIn profile. They also offer a platform for sending emails directly from Snovio.

Two of their more recent tools are a marketplace for freelancers and a tool that helps you uncover the technology stacks that websites are using. This is great when you’re doing competitive research or you want to peruse the net and find out how some of the cooler websites work.

You can sing up for Snovio today at and visit with them at Collision 2018 in New Orleans, April 30th-May 3rd.