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Collision Conference Preview: Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors With SocialReacher

socialreacher-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors With SocialReacherSocialReacher Is An Employee Advocacy Tool That Harnesses The Power Of Their Social Media

The world of marketing and advertising has changed immensely in this digital age of social media. A weekly radio/tv/print budget is hardly worth the paper it’s printed on these days. To be effective marketing cross generational companies need to reach their customers where they are and in most cases that’s social media.

Baby Boomers are still adopting Facebook at a feverish pace. Millennials and post millennials are being driven by Snapchat and Instagram. Business professionals of all ages flock to LinkedIn. Social media is where just about every customer for every business lives.

Companies can reach their customers via social media through a variety of channels. There’s the influencer channel, customer referrals and reviews, brand ambassadors, testimonials and even employee referrals. All of these are very valuable channels in a social media campaign. Customer referrals and testimonials carry the most weight and right behind it are posts from employees themselves. When an employee makes a genuine post about their company it sends a message that they believe in where they work and that’s why they’re posting.

An employees social media is a slippery slope. There are privacy concerns and for millennial employees a company asking anything about their social media just feels creepy. But what company wouldn’t want to take advantage of Jamie the receptionist’s social media channels when she has 1,000 followers on Instagram, 800 friends on Facebook and 300 Twitter followers. Most companies wouldn’t find it appropriate to just ask her to use her social media channels to promote their business and requiring that of an employee would send up all kinds of redflags.

That’s where a startup called SocialReacher comes in. SocialReacher has created a platform that incentivizes employees for sharing company messages with their personal social channels. They do it in a fun and creative way that doesn’t feel creepy at all.

With SocialReacher the company creates a catalog of incentives that employees can redeem for reaching certain point goals on social with the company messages. Imagine giving employees a free round of golf or a day at the spa for a month’s worth of social media messaging. This would save you thousands of dollars paying some schlep social media consultant and get genuine authentic messaging from the people who work for you.

Using SocialReacher employees earn points for sharing messages across channels. Points are based on reach (number of followers) number of likes, shares, retweets and the like.

SocialReacher has made it easy for employees to participate by offering an easy and fun to use app that’s available in the Google Play and iOS App stores. For the company, messages and points can be tracked so you can see in real time just how effective your employee campaigns are.

By gamifying this social media marketing at the employee level employees get even further engaged by challenging one another making it a competition to get more points in the office. With the right kind of incentives and SocialReacher everybody wins and nobody feels creepy.

Check out SocialReacher at The Collision Conference April 30-May 3rd in New Orleans and online at 

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