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Collision Conference Preview: Take Your Privacy Back With A Sudo

sudo-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Take Your Privacy Back With A SudoSudo Identities Are Helping Millions Take Back Their Identities Online

Privacy is at the pinnacle of the internet discussion these days. From Cambridge Analytica’s data mining fiasco to millions of customers at Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal having their private information compromised, we can’t seem to keep a grip on the information that matters most to us.

A Collision Conference features startup called Anonyome has created Sudo identities, a new way for people to take hold of their private lives and personal information on the internet.

They created Sudo to put control back in the hands of the people. Sudo users can create multiple digital identities to protect and manage all of your searching, shopping, selling and socializing activities. They’ve built Sudo with top tier, end to end encryption, strong anonymity and absolutely no bread crumbs left on their, or anyone’s server.

With Sudo’s anyone can have multiple digital online personalities like a Socializing Sudo, Shopping Sudo, Searching Sudo, Selling Sudo and more.

So what is Sudo?

Sudo is a proxy for all the unique roles you have, a digital version of yourself with personalized, private, phone numbers, email addresses, virtual payment cards and more. People that are very proactive about their privacy already know how to get some of these privacy tools on their own and a la carte. Anonyome has made it easier for even the average every day person to secure their identity through vigilant privacy.

As Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the US Capital Building to testify about Facebook’s privacy and data collection, people started asking everywhere “how do I know if I was affected” had they been using Sudo they would know, they weren’t.

You can find out more about Sudo and Anonyome at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3 and online at

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